The Man Behind The Camera

Michael Reid was born and raised in New York, he attended public school in Yorkville until he reached high school, when he attended Xavier H.S., a Jesuit Catholic High School in the Chelsea area of New York. He attended SUNY Oswego for college, where he studied Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Philosophy. In addition to his pursuit of academics and his love for ice hockey, he has always had a passion for the arts. His passion for photography started early in life.

The creative mind is a curious one. Some people look at the world differently- for better or worse. However, few people are sincerely creative when they choose to describe the world through their own eyes. We rely on stereotypes and past experiences to impose what future action another individual or circumstance might bring. It's important to craft your own perspective in this world. Not merely a perspective you have been told to have, but a personal narrative that closely resembles your own thoughts. That is where my photography comes into frame.

My use of the camera is in the interest of honing my own perspective. It is the exploratory tool for our time; the equivalent of ships in the Age of Exploration. Susan Sontag famously said, "To photograph is to frame, and to frame is to exclude." An image is almost as much as what is not included as what is; what is revealed and what is hidden. And as such, I thoroughly enjoy everything outside the frame as much as I enjoy what is in the frame. 


Michael Reid

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Mike with short hair

Mike with short hair

How can you frame your perspective differently?